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The first JCC meeting was held and key members of HUST visited Japan

The first JCC meeting was held on the morning of 6 November 2023 at Nagaoka University of Technology. A total of 44 participants, comprising 28 in-person attendees and 16 online participants, were present to hear progress reports from both universities. The latter part of the meeting delved into comprehensive discussions regarding changes in membership and equipment provisions, shedding light on the current status and addressing future challenges. This marked the first direct dialogue about details between the directors of Nagaoka University of Technology and HUST since the inception of the project, serving as a pivotal moment for policy-making.


During the afternoon session, the participants engaged in the STI-Gigaku (international conference) organized by Nagaoka University of Technology and observed a student poster session. En route, they had the privilege of meeting Mr. Minoru Umeda, Vice-President of Nagaoka University of Technology, who was introduced about  the project.

In the evening, a tour of the Nagaoka University of Technology laboratory took place, encompassed the laboratory environment, showcasing the latest equipment. Having witnessed the strong connections between the two universities, involving collaborative research and student exchanges, a professor conveyed optimism for future development stemming from this project.


On the second day, the group visited the Bridgestone Innovation Gallery in Kodaira, Tokyo, to to explore the processes involved in natural rubber and tyre manufacturing. The company's exhibition was very attractive and inspiring researchers with innovative ideas.


Other events on each itinerary included a welcome dinner and a HUST alumni reunion, providing opportunities for participants to foster stronger connections. It is our hope that this visit served as a platform for HUST members to deepen their engagement with the project and forge meaningful connections with NUT members.















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