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日本とベトナムの高校生にプロジェクトを紹介しました!The project was introduced to high school students in Japan and Vietnam!



On July 28, 2023, something exciting happened! The JICA INBERBON PROJECT took part in a special visit organized by Hyogo High School and Osaka University.

This visit brought together students from Hyogo High School in Japan and the Talented High School of Natural Science at Vietnam National University. It was like a meeting where everyone could learn from each other. JICA Project Coordinator presented the introduction of the collaboration under JICA-SATREPS project, between Nagaoka University of Technology and Hanoi University of Science and Technology. One really cool thing that happened during the event was a visit to the Rubber Center's laboratory. This is where scientists and researchers work on important projects. The students got to see and learn about the interesting things going on in the lab.

This visit helped them understand better what the JICA INBERBON PROJECT is doing and cooperation between Japan and Vietnam. In addition, hope that it’s like planting seeds of friendship and cooperation that will grow into amazing ideas and projects in the future.



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