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ミニシンポジウムとポスターセッションを開催しました。/A mini-symposium and poster session were held.



グループ1の山本准教授は「Large scale production of protein free natural rubber」について、グループ2の山野助教は「Producing protein-free natural rubber products」、グループ3からは笠井准教授が「Establishment of biodegradation system for natural rubber products」を発表し、最後にグループ4の渡利助教からは、特にプロジェクトの活動4-1及び4-2について、詳しい発表がありました。


On August 15, 2023, a mini symposium was conducted at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) to provide updates on the project's advancement, accompanied by a display of posters.

During the symposium, representatives from each group shared their research outcomes and the project's ongoing endeavors. Associate Professor Yamamoto of Group 1 presented on 'Scaling Up the Production of Protein-Free Natural Rubber,' Assistant Professor Yamano of Group 2 discussed 'Manufacturing Protein-Free Natural Rubber Products,' and Associate Professor Kasai of Group 3 introduced 'Establishing a Biodegradation System for Natural Rubber Products.' Lastly, Assistant Professor Watari of Group 4 delivered a comprehensive report on the specific activities of Project 4-1 and 4-2.

Following this, poster presentations took place, sparking animated discussions among attendees, including students from HUST. The symposium concluded on a positive note, with participants commending the researchers for their detailed elucidations, which significantly enriched their understanding of the project and imparted valuable insights.



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