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ベトナムゴムグループとベトナムゴム協会を訪問しました/Visit to Vietnam Rubber Group and Vietnam Rubber Association.




Visit to Vietnam Rubber Group and Vietnam Rubber Association.

On 14 June 2023, the Project anager visited the Vietnam Rubber Group and the Vietnam Rubber Association.

The Vietnam Rubber Group, previously a state-owned enterprise, continues to contribute 30% of the nation's yearly rubber output. As an essential and significant collaborator for the latter part of the project, cooperation with the company is crucial for developing prototypes of tires and medical gloves utilizing de-proteinised natural rubber. During the meeting, the project was introduced, and perspectives were shared concerning forthcoming collaboration, encompassing information and personnel exchange.

Comprising producers, processors, and trading companies, the Vietnam Rubber Association is a nonprofit entity that communicates information about the Vietnamese Government's policies and actions concerning natural rubber. Additionally, it safeguards the rights of its members. As the project becomes a member, it will collect information and disseminate about research and development on de-proteinised natural rubber and the application of the technology.



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